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PIN pad displays the message Lane Closed

When processing a sale, PIN pad displays the message:

Lane Closed

Why this is happening

Lane Closed may display on the PIN pad for the following reasons:

  • Your copy of Point of Sale is not in the latest release.
  • No receipt is open on the screen.
  • The PIN pad is not on the compatible hardware list.
  • The PIN pad is not configured in Point of Sale's Workstation Preferences.
How to fix it
  1. Ensure that your Pin Pad is:
    • Included in the compatible hardware listing.
    • Properly selected in the Workstation Preferences:
      1. Version 10-12: Choose File > Preferences > Workstation
        Version 3-9: Choose Edit > Preferences > Workstation
      2. Select PIN pads and ensure that your model is selected in the right window.
      3. Click Save.
    • The only one selected for processing a sale.
      1. In Point of Sale, go to File > Preferences >Workstation >Card Reader > select None.


  2. If verifying the Pin Pad preferences did not resolve the issue, follow these steps:
    • Update Point of Sale to the latest release.
    • In Point of Sale, select Make a Sale and check the status of your Pin pad.
KB ID# SLN41443
12/4/2016 2:24:17 PM
PPRDQSSWS400 9138 Pro 2017 55c983