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Error OL-332: Invalid customer ID or PIN when using online banking

You submit an online banking transaction and enter your personal identification number (PIN). The following error message displays:

Invalid customer ID or PIN. Please try again. If the problem continues, please call customer service for your financial institution [OL-332]

Why this is happening
  • You have entered an invalid customer identification number or Personal Identification Number (PIN).
  • Your financial institution has not enabled the account for online banking in QuickBooks.
How to fix it
  1. Verify the online bank information in QuickBooks then try to connect to your financial institution again.
    1. From the Lists menu, select Chart of Accounts.
    2. Right click the account being used when the error occurred and select Edit Account.
    3. Go to the Bank Feed Settings tab and ensure the information in the Customer ID field matches the customer ID provided in the online account access documentation you received from your financial institution. Edit the number if necessary then click Save & Close.
      • An extra or misplaced dash, period, or other character in the ID field can cause this error.
      • It is possible that the ID you are using is correct, but the PIN you are entering is incorrect or in the wrong format.
      • Depending on the financial institution, both the customer ID and PIN fields can alpha and numeric characters. They might be case-sensitive so try variations of the same customer ID and PIN using upper and lower case letters.
      • Some financial institutions lock accounts if a predetermined number of unsuccessful attempts occur in a specific period of time. If you are locked out, an OL-334 error occurs and you might have to call your financial institution to have the PIN reset.
    4. Go back to your Bank Feeds Center and click Send Items to re-try the connection.
  2. If you receive the same error message, call the Customer Service number listed in QuickBooks for your FI. From the Bank Feeds Center, click Contact your bank.  
  3. When talking to your bank representative: 
    1. Confirm that your financial institution has your account enabled for direct online banking access via QuickBooks.
    2. Reset your PIN, if necessary.
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