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Online banking error: non-printable characters in QuickBooks names

You are receiving the following error message while matching downloaded online banking transactions:

Usually, you cannot enter non-printable characters with your keyboard, but sometimes text can include a non-printable character, typically if you copy text from elsewhere and paste it into QuickBooks. When a non-printable character is in a QuickBooks name, you will not see it when you are viewing the name on a form or when you print anything with that name. You can "see" the non-printable character only when you view a list of names. The non-printable character can appear as a small square, which you can select and delete.

NOTE: Most of the time these characters will appear at the end of the name. (examples of characters: ┘‎‎‎∞). These characters are different from the ones you can create from keys on your keyboard (special characters: %, &, *, ~).

Why this is happening

A non-printable character is in one or more QuickBooks names: a Chart of Account name, an Other name, a Customers & Jobs name, a Vendor name, or an Employee name.

How to fix it
KB ID# SLN41358
4/24/2017 6:07:00 AM
QYPPRDQBKSWS05 9138 Pro 2017 730ee2