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Message: Another user is currently using this company file in single-user mode

The following message appears when trying to open a company file:

Another user is currently using this company file in single-user mode

The wording of this message may vary by QuickBooks Desktop version, release, or system configuration.

Why this is happening

If a file can be opened on the computer where it's stored but not on a networked computer, the problem is caused by either the network, the computer system, or permissions. As a temporary solution, it may be necessary to share the file on a machine that is not the server until the system administrator can properly configure folder permissions.

How to fix it

Verify that the file is in multi-user mode and that adequate permissions are set for the folder where the file is stored.

Verify multi-user mode

  1. Ask all users to close QuickBooks Desktop.
  2. Restart all computers.
  3. On the computer that can open the file:
    1. Choose File > Switch to Single-user Mode.
    2. Toggle the setting by now choosing File >Switch to Multi-user Mode. This will either resolve the issue or result in a different error to troubleshoot.

Verify permissions

  1. All users must have "Full control" permissions for the shared folder where the company file is stored and the share's "User Limit" must be set to "Maximum Allowed." Refer to Set access permissions for QuickBooks in Windows.
  2. Be sure that the Windows login being used has permission to create and modify files in the location where the file is stored. The Windows user logged in may not have sufficient permission to create and modify files in the folder or drive where the file is located. This prevents the existing .qbi or .qbw file from being modified by subsequent logins. In a peer-to-peer network, this may require that the individual Windows logins from each machine also be defined at the server, so that full-access permissions can be granted on the share and file.

Because of the complexity and number of available networks, Intuit cannot provide support for specific network issues. If you need further assistance with changing the network access type, check with your system or network administrator, the vendor from whom you purchased the network software, the manufacturer's or software developer's website, or a local computer consultant.


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