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QuickBooks Contact Sync for Microsoft Outlook

This artcile will discuss how to install and unexpected results when setting up QuickBooks Sync for Microsoft Outlook

Install QuickBooks Contact Sync for Microsoft Outlook
  1. Download QuickBooks Contact Sync for Outlook
    1. Go to the download website .
    2. Enter a valid email address for registration.
    3. Click the Continue to Download button (This should give you a QuickBooksContactSync.exe).
    4. Save it on your computer.
  2. Installation
    1. Close QuickBooks Desktop.
    2. Double click the QuickBooksContactSync.exe.
    3. Accept the license agreement and then click the Next.
    4. Select the installation location and then click the Next.
    5. Click Install.

Quick Tip

To access QuickBooks Contact Sync in Outlook:

Click QuickBooks and choose Contact Sync.

To start the sync:

From the File menu, choose Utilities and select Contact Sync.

Resolve Contact Sync errors

There may be issues preventing Outlook and QuickBooks Desktop from connecting properly. For example, someone may be editing a contact in QuickBooks Desktop while you're trying to synchronize, or QuickBooks Contact Sync may detect a difference in the time and date of when contacts were last updated that has been caused by changing time zones

Note: In the case of an extremely large list of contacts, make sure you allow enough time for Contact Sync to perform the synchronization.

  1. Wait a few minutes and try to synchronize again.
  2. Verify that a contact is not being edited while you are trying to synchronize.
  3. Restart both Outlook and QuickBooks desktop and then retry the synchronization.
  4. Restart the computer and retry the synchronization.

If this doesn't solve the problem, you may need to delete the folders created by QuickBooks Contact Sync in Outlook and run another initial synchronization.

  1. In Outlook, copy the company folders created by QuickBooks Contact Sync to another Outlook folder and then delete the contact folders that were created when you first synchronized.
  2. Folder Name

    • YOUR_COMPANY_NAME-Customers

  3. Synchronize with QuickBooks desktop again and new folders will be created according to the preferences for the synchronization. The information from QuickBooks desktop should now synchronize with Outlook.
  4. If some contact information from the original Outlook folders didn't synchronize, try copying those contacts into the newly created folders and resynchronize.
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