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Error: Invalid Font Height, when printing from QuickBooks Desktop

The following error occurs when printing from QuickBooks Desktop:

Invalid Font Height

How to fix it
  1. Select the File menu and select Printer Setup.
  2. Click the Form Name drop-down arrow and select the form that displays the error.
  3. Click the Fonts tab, and then click the Fonts button.
    Note: Certain forms, such as invoices, must be customized to change their font.
  4. Choose a smaller font size and then click the OK button.
  5. Click OK in the Printer Setup window.

If the error continues to occur, repeat these steps and reduce the size of the font more, or choose a different font. Some fonts are larger than others even with the same size selected.

If you continue to receive this error rename the QBPrint.qbp file for your version of QuickBooks Desktop.


KB ID# SLN41243
4/29/2017 10:13:44 PM
QYPPRDQBKSWS05 9138 Pro 2017 e69657