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Quantity on hand in the Inventory Adjustment screen does not match the Item List

When creating an inventory adjustment the amount in the Qty on Hand column doesn't match the On Hand amount for the same item(s) in the Item List.

Why this is happening

This issue occurs when invoices, item receipts, or any other transactions affecting the quantity on hand of inventory items are dated after the inventory adjustment date.

How to fix it

Locate transactions dated after the inventory adjustment date

Estimated time: 5 minutes

  1. Choose Reports > Inventory > Inventory Valuation Detail
  2. At the top of the report, click the Dates drop-down arrow and select All.
  3. Scroll to the item(s) with a Qty on Hand that did not match the Item list.

Note: You can double-click on any transaction listed on the Inventory Valuation Detail report to go directly to the transaction screen and correct any incorrect dates.

KB ID# SLN41226
4/29/2017 10:04:42 PM
QYPPRDQBKSWS09 9138 Pro 2017 4a7bfd