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Track an inventory item you send to a vendor for modifications before you sell it

You have items that you send out to contractors/ vendors for improvements and modifications before selling them as a finished product. You need to track that the inventory item has left your stock (on-hand quantity) and, when it the item is received again, that the item is added back to stock.

How to fix it
  1. Create a vendor credit with the item you are sending for improvements or modifications (this will remove the item from your on-hand quantities).
  2. Enter a purchase order with a new item representing the improved product (such as Item 1, Stage 2)

Note: It is possible to keep your costs separated by stage by adding to the PO the original item again and an additional item to represent the work done by your subcontractor. Once you received the items on the bill, you could then add them to an inventory assembly item and build that assembly

  1. Once you receive the improved items from the contractor/vendor, enter a bill against the Purchase Order (this will add the item(s) back into on-hand quantities [into stock])
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