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Unable to access QuickBooks through a Third Party Application

QuickBooks Desktop can (and should) be accessed through Third Party Applications.
However, there are cases when QuickBooks Desktop cannot be accessed using or through a third party application.

This specific error occurs when you are opening and accessing QuickBooks through any Third Party Application that you are subscribed to.
The prompt or the window "Allow this application to access QuickBooks" does not appear on the screen and the
subscribed applications do not show up in the Integrated Applications menu.

How to resolve the issue

Steps to follow:

  1. If your QuickBooks is hosting Multi-User access, you are required to Stop Hosting Multi-User first.
  2. If QuickBooks is in Multi User Mode, Switch to Single-User Mode first.
  3. Click on the link Allow the Integrated Application Access to QuickBooks.
    You will be directed to the QuickBooks Support site that discusses third party integrations/compatible software that can access QuickBooks.
  4. A prompt should appear- requesting permission to access QuickBooks and the application/s should show under Integrated Applications in Preferences.
  5. Once you've established the connection between QuickBooks and the Third Party application, you can Restart Hosting and also Return to Multi-User Mode.
    Relaunch any other ended processes if needed.


KB ID# SLN41168
3/27/2017 7:25:32 PM
QYPPRDQBKSWS07 9138 Pro 2017 5993d2