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Error: [120xxx] UPS account, missing or invalid number

When you ship a package via UPS, with third party billing selected, Shipping Manager can pop the following message:

Error: [120412] UPS account number that was provided as the payment method is missing or invalid.

Error: [120100] UPS account missing or invalid shipper number.

Why this is happening
  • The account number you are using for the third party billing does not match that address information in the UPS server.
  • If not using third-party billing, the most common cause is due to missing invoice information during the account set up.


How to fix it
Note: Existing UPS account holders must enter invoice infomation to complete the setup. If you do not have a recent invoice, you can get UPS billing help from your online account or call UPS Billing at 1-800-811-1648 to request a duplicate invoice.


  1. Enter the Invoice Number without the leading zeroes.
  2. Enter the Invoice Amount (Charges this Period) in the (nnn.nn) format. Do not enter a dollar sign ($).
  3. Enter the Invoice Date in the (mm/dd/yyyy) format. Select the calendar icon, and then choose or enter the date on the invoice in the required format.
  4. Enter the Control ID exactly as shown on the invoice. (The Control ID is case sensitive.)
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