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Resolve errors when creating .qbx and working with company files with pending accountant's changes

This article discuss the errors while creating an Accountant's Copy Transfer file (.qbx) and messages while working on a company file (.qbw) with pending Accountant's Changes. If you need to see the regular workflow of this feature, please see Accountant’s Copy 101 and QuickBooks Accountant's copy and QuickBooks Mac if you are using QuickBooks for Mac.

Some of the troubleshooting steps described in this article requires you to remove the accountant's copy restriction which is IRREVERSIBLE and will make the current accountant's copy impossible to be imported to the client's file. Make sure to consult your accountant and create a backup copy of your file before you do any of the steps bellow.

This article covers the following errors when working with .qbx.

  • Accountant's Copy file uploaded successfully but the accountant did not receive the email confirmation
  • Error: Failed when creating an accountant's transfer file or converting one to an accountant's copy
  • Error: Not able to create accountants copy...
  • Error: Portfile: DBUnload has failed when creating Accountant's Copy Transafer File (.qbx)
  • QuickBooks closes when you attempt to send an Accountant's Copy Transfer File

Warning messages when working with a company file with pending Accountant's Changes.

  • Message "Accountant's Copy Exists" when Updating a Company File to a New Version
  • Your reconciliation will be rolled back

For scenarios and errors with multiple solutions, perform the recommendations in the order shown for best results.


Detailed Instruction

This section will focus on the errors that you will encounter while trying to create an accountant's copy (.qbx) file.


Warnings and Messages

This are the warning messages that the program populates while working on a file with pending Accountant’s Changes. The following are not necessarily errors.

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