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Options to export a report to Microsoft Excel are grayed out

When you run a report and click to export it to Microsoft Excel, the only available option is to a CSV file. The other options are grayed out. 

When trying to export to Excel, you might also see: Unrecoverable Error 14900 31866

Why this is happening

QuickBooks Desktop does not recognize that Microsoft Excel is installed. QuickBooks finds Microsoft Excel by reading registry entries. If it cannot find Microsoft Excel then:

  1. A supported version of Microsoft Excel is not installed,
  2. Your installation of Microsoft Excel is damaged.
  3. Your installation of QuickBooks is damaged.
  4. Your registry is damaged. 

Important: Click to Run versions, Trial versions, and Starter Edition of Microsoft Office or Excel do not support the integration components used by QuickBooks (Click to Run Office is an online enabled, but limited edition of Office).  If you are using one of these versions, the option to export to Excel is grayed out and unavailable.  Please see the Microsoft Office 2010 FAQ for more information. 

How to fix it

One or more of the following may resolve your issue:

  1. Install a version of Microsoft Excel that is supported by your version of QuickBooks.
  2. Repair Microsoft Office and QuickBooks.
  3. Uninstall and Reinstall Microsoft Excel and QuickBooks in the following order:
    Important: Be sure to have your Office installation disk(s) and key code available before you follow the steps shown below.
    1. Uninstall Excel.
    2. Uninstall QuickBooks.
    3. Reinstall Excel.
    4. Reinstall QuickBooks.
  4. If you still cannot export reports from QuickBooks to Microsoft Excel, consult an IT professional to repair your Windows Registry.
    Note: We understand that some people may not be comfortable performing these steps; in that case, please reach out to your IT professional.
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