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Error: Server Busy. This action cannot be completed because the other program is busy

While you are working in QuickBooks Desktop, you may see this message:

Why this is happening

A number of issues can cause QuickBooks Desktop to show this error message. Among them are:

  • Another program that QuickBooks Desktop is trying to work with is waiting for a response from you.
  • Windows Update is running in the background.
  • QuickBooks Desktop or some of its components did not completely shut down last time you closed it.
  • Multiple computers are setup to host the QuickBooks Desktop company file.
  • A firewall or other security software is blocking QuickBooks Desktop updates.
  • A conflict occurs between the QuickBooks update manager and another program on the computer.
  • A *.qbi file is locked (QuickBooks 2005 only) or more than one computer is configured to host the company file.
  • A Conflict with Intuit ProSeries may cause a conflict.
  • Your network does not have sufficient resources to run QuickBooks Desktop.
How to fix it

Check your network resources. If you still receive the error message, proceed with the following steps.

  1. Close QuickBooks Desktop if it is open.
  2. Check the system tray on your Windows task bar to see if Windows is installing an update. If Windows updates are installing or need to be installed, let them finish and restart the computer as directed by Windows. If no update is running, proceed with the next step.

If the above steps did not resolve your issue, try the following actions with the guidance of an IT professional:

  1. Boot Windows to SafeMode with Networking, starting QuickBooks Desktop and then restarting Windows to Normal Mode will often resolve the issue.
  2. Attempt to run QuickBooks Desktop and perform the action causing the error in Windows Selective Startup and then Windows Safe Mode.
  3. If you are running QuickBooks Desktop on a network, restart your computer, and then reconnect your computer to all mapped drives.
  4. Find out if backup or mirroring software is running on the server or network. If so, it may be actively scanning the hard drive, blocking access to QuickBooks Desktop files and causing this error. Test this by temporarily disabling the software to see if the QuickBooks Desktop issue recurs. If it doesn't, there is a conflict with the scanning software that must be resolved with help from your system or network administrator (if you have one), the vendor from whom they purchased the software or hardware, the manufacturer's or software developer's Web site, or a local computer consultant.
  5. If there is security software installed on the server machine, it may be scanning new and updated files in the background and therefore locking up the template file. To prevent this, either disable the security software or add .DOC files to the exception list. Please see your security software's documentation for steps on how to do this.
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4/26/2017 12:59:05 AM
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