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QuickBooks Online Backup Errors - LAxxxx Series

QuickBooks Online Backup and its associated web sites have security measures in place to protect the access, loss, misuse and alteration of data and personally identifiable information under its control. It employs sophisticated security measures and uses encryption technology similar to what financial institutions and US Government use.

This article covers the following Scenarios. For QuickBooks Online Backup How Do I's, visit the article QuickBooks Online Backup (OLBU)

  • Error: LA1001 Communication Link Dropped
  • Error: LA2006 Password for client installation does not match server
  • Error: LA2211 or RA2211 Unable to create directory
  • Error: LA2219 Database is too large to sort
  • Error: LA2222 When running a scheduled backup
  • Error: LA2230 Invalid data structure
  • Error: LA2266 When restoring a backup
  • Error: LA2286 Maximum chunk size exceeded
  • Error: LA2287 When creating a backup
  • Error: LA2810 When a scheduled backup is in progress
  • Error: LA4104 Invalid data format
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