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Question marks appear in the Chart of Accounts

Question marks show in the account number field or right next to the account name in the chart of accounts.

Why this is happening

You may have installed foreign language packs that appear to interfere with the fonts QuickBooks uses. Korean and Chinese packs have caused this issue when running QuickBooks.

How to fix it

Language packs are installed in the Windows Control Panel under Regional and Language options.

  • Regional Settings are supported when set to English (United States) , including the keyboard setting. Editing these settings to non English (US) may affect the following areas of QuickBooks:
    • Payroll
    • Merchant Services
    • Multicurrency
  • The Language for non-Unicode programs must also be set to English (United States). To check:
    1. In Windows, go to Control Panel and open Region and Language.
    2. In the Region and Language window, click the Administrative tab.
    3. Look for the Current Language for non-Unicode programs.
    4. The current language for non-Unicode programs should be set to English (United States)

Operating in a non-supported regional setting and language using QuickBooks multicurrency may affect your transactions.

You may need to uninstall/reinstall QuickBooks to correct this issue after clearing the check boxes for the language packs.

If you don't use account numbers, you can turn that feature off.

  1. Select the Edit menu and select Preferences.
  2. Select Accounting and click the Company Preferences tab.
  3. Clear the Use account numbers option.
  4. Click OK.
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4/26/2017 8:44:54 AM
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