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Error 1003 The XML request is blocked or the taxpayer cannot be authenticated

You may get the following error when e-payments thave been sent through QuickBooks Desktop and are being rejected:

Error 1003 The XML request is blocked or the taxpayer cannot be authenticated.


Why this is happening

When submitting certain tax payments through epay a pin and password are required. This error is generated when the wrong pin and or password was used or no pin and or password was used.

How to fix it

Note: When you are using epay for 941 payments the IRS requires you to create a new password every 120 days.

  • If you already have a pin and/or password, check with your tax agency to make sure the pin and or password you are using is correct. If you don't have a pin and or password. contact your tax agency to acquire a pin and or password.
  • Log into the EFTPS website. If the login is successful, but you see View Payment History rather than Make a Payment, this means that during enrollment a financial institution was selected insted of direct. You will need to Re-enroll.

Your password must be at least 8 characters long. If it is less than 8 characters, log in to www.eftps.com and change the password. Per the IRS, password changes take at least 1 hour before epay can be submitted through QuickBooks.

Note: In order to have access to the password field in QuickBooks, you must have Release 8 or later. Check to see if your QuickBooks Desktop is on the latest release.



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