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Error: The changes do not match the current company and cannot be imported

When you import Accountant's Copy changes, you see the following error:

The changes do not match the current company and cannot be imported. You can only import changes back into the same company file that the Accountant's Copy was created from.

Why this is happening

Accountant's Copy files are signed with a unique code which ensures that the original file where the Accountants Copy was sent from, and the Accountants Changes file originated during the same process.  Each occurrence is unique and only the original pair can be reintegrated.

If the above error is received, one of the following has occurred:

  • The restrictions were removed on the original Company File, a new Accountant's Copy was created and the file you are trying to import was from the original Accountant's Copy and not the new one.
  • A backup was restored which no longer contained the correct set of Accountants Copy restrictions, and/or the Accountants Copy was recreated, but the Accountant did not receive/use the new Accountants Copy Transfer File.
  • One of the files has become damaged and no longer contains the correct signature to match the other file.
How to fix it

If the two files do not see a matching signature, they cannot be recombined.  QuickBooks  Desktop cannot guarantee that fundamental conflicting changes have not occurred to the original client file and will not allow import.

There are four solutions to this situation:

  • Send a new Accountant's Copy to the Accountant to re-enter the changes.  Use basic data damage troubleshooting if it is necessary to reissue a new Accountant's Copy to ensure client data is stable.
  • Have the Client restore a backup of the Company File made prior to canceling the Accountant's Copy and use it to import the changes.
  • The Accountant can print the changes for the Client to enter manually into the Company File from the File>Accountants Copy>View Export Changes window.
  • If the changes can be made by Journal Entries, QuickBooks 2014 has a new feature to Send General Journal Entries.


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4/27/2017 2:02:58 AM
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