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Error: Installation interrupted when installing or running Repair

When installing QuickBooks Desktop or running a Repair process on the QuickBooks Desktop installation from the Microsoft Windows Control Panel, the following error occurs:

Error: Installation interrupted
Why this is happening
  • This error can occur during installation if the system does not meet minimum system requirements.
  • This error can occur during the Repair process if the quickbooks.msi file and/or the data1.cab files have been damaged or are missing from the affected system.
  • This error can also occur when installing an upgrade from QuickBooks Desktop Pro to QuickBooks Desktop Premier of the same version (year).
How to fix it
  • If you get the "Installation interrupted" error when installing QuickBooks Desktop, make sure to check available hard drive space.  If there is not enough space or close to the minimum requirements, free up some space by removing unused/unneeded programs or install to a drive with more space if available.
  • If the "Installation Interrupted" error appears at the end of the installation during the "Removing Temporary Installation Files" process, the program might still function normally. Before continuing with the following steps, open QuickBooks Desktop. If QuickBooks Desktop opens correctly, the issue might have been caused by the %temp% folder having the "Read Only" attribute set. If so, disregard the error message. If it does not, attempt to run the repair and try to open QuickBooks Desktop again. If QuickBooks Desktop still doesn't open continue with the following steps.
  • If you are repairing the installation and get the error during the "Preparing to install" process, Run Reboot.bat.  After running  reboot.bat, try to open QuickBooks Desktop.
  • If the error persists, perform a clean install of QuickBooks Desktop.


KB ID# SLN40617
4/29/2017 6:20:10 AM
QYPPRDQBKSWS03 9138 Pro 2017 25c1ca