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Error 1920: Service QB Database Manager Service failed to start

When installing either the QuickBooks Desktop or a program update, the following error is displayed:

Error 1920: Service QuickBooks Database Manager Service (QBCFMonitorService) failed to start

The installation then rolls back and exits.

Why this is happening

The QuickBooks Database Manager scans installed hard drives for QuickBooks company files in order to establish a connection to those files. The service attempted to access a drive on the computer and was unable to, therefore it was unable to start correctly.

How to fix it

You will need to manually rename the QuickBooks Desktop installation folders.

Use Windows Explorer to locate and rename each of the folder locations listed for your version of Windows.

KB ID# SLN40579
4/27/2017 3:31:25 PM
QYPPRDQBKSWS05 9138 Pro 2017 5ac74c