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You have unsent payments, funds transfers, or email. Would you like to send them?

You receive the message: "Unsent Online Transactions. You have unsent payments, funds transfers, or email. Would you like to send them before exiting QuickBooks? (You will get to review them before they are sent.)" even though there is nothing listed in the Items to Send section of the Online Banking Center.

Why this is happening

When an online payment is created or marked to be cancelled, an internal flag is set on the transaction. This flag defines which items show up in the Items to Send portion of the Online Banking center. It is possible to have that internal flag set on a transaction that has been voided. Logically, this transaction will not show up in the Online Banking Center as an item to be sent, because it has been voided. However the message is produced by the flag and ignores the void status.

This scenario occurs most often if you have sent a transaction, then marked it to be cancelled. If the cancel request is not sent to the bank in time, it can't be reversed and this may lead you to void the transaction. Now the item has a flag that says it hasn"t been sent yet, but it is a voided check and therefore will not be in the Center.

How to fix it
  1. Make a backup of the data file. Select QuickBooks File menu and then select Save Copy or Backup > backup copy > Local Backup > Save it now (For QuickBooks 2006 and earlier: Select the QuickBooks File menu and then select backup).
  2. In the bank account with online payment access, sort the register by amount
  3. Locate all voided transactions
  4. Identify those transactions that were online payments. Usually these have a different number series than the checks written in the office.
  5. Delete any voided transactions that were also an online payment: click on the voided transaction, select the QuickBooks Edit menu and then select Delete
  6. Attempt to close the file to verify that you have deleted the correct transaction(s).
  7. (Optional) Re-enter those checks as voided items using the same check numbers for tracking purposes. These re-entered items should not be sent to the bank.



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