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Error: C=272 during Verify, Rebuild or a Memorized Report

When running the Verify Data utility, Rebuild Data utility, or when running a memorized report, the following error occurs:

Error: C=272

This error can occur when:

  • The Verify or Rebuild utility encounters a target "bit set" that is outside of the expected range.
  • Running a memorized report that was created in an earlier version of QuickBooks and did not convert properly.
How to fix it

If this error occurs when running the Verify Data or Rebuild Data utility perform standard data damage troubleshooting.

If this error occurs when running a memorized report, delete and recreate the report.

  • If the report opens after you click OK on the message, click Customize Report and use the info on the Display and Filters tabs to create a new memorized report.
  • If you have an undamaged back up of your file, restore the backup, export the report template, import the template to your current file.
  • Else, you must recreate the report from scratch.



KB ID# SLN40529
3/28/2017 4:59:36 AM
QYPPRDQBKSWS05 9138 Pro 2017 dfc890