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Integrity messages while working in QuickBooks Desktop

While creating a backup or while verifying the company data file, you may receive one of these errors:

  • QuickBooks was Unable to Verify the Integrity of your QuickBooks Data. Please contact Intuit Technical Support.
  • Data integrity issues prevent the Verify Data process from completing successfully.
  • Qbwin.log: CHECKPOINT: (date time stamp) Database validation completed, Errors found: 1 : QBAdminGroup.abmc_current_users: Run time SQL error %1.
  • Qbwin.log: CHECKPOINT: 1180: Mon Apr 27 12:50:49 Database validation completed. Errors found: 1 : "QBAdminGroup"."abmc_contacts": Run time SQL error -- ???
  • Quickbooks has detected a problem with your data file. Your data has not yet been backed up.
  • Data lost integrity.
How to fix it

Solution 1: Perform Basic Data Damage Trouble shooting.

Solution 2: Create and Restore a Portable Copy.

Solution 3: Restore Auto Data Recovery.

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4/26/2017 12:47:43 AM
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