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Qbwin.log: Verify Target: Invalid Open Balance

After running the Verify Data utility, the Qbwin.log file shows these following messages:

  • Error: Verify Target: Invalid Open Balance. Rcrd = [XXXX] Type: [transaction type] txn # [XXXX] Date: [XX/XX/XXXX] Doc# [XXXX] Source Account: [AccountName]
  • Error: Verify Item: Item history Item Quantity on Hand mismatch error. Item ID [XXXXX] expected value: [XXXXX] found value: [XXXXX]

This type of message indicates one or more targets of the transaction are damaged and are not reflecting the correct open balance.

How to fix it

NOTE:  If you came to this article through the rebuild process, you do not need to repeat verify and rebuild.

  1. Rebuild the company file.
  2. Run verify.
    • If verify completes successfully, rebuild has repaired any damaged transaction.
    • If verify fails:
      1. Locate and review QBWIN.log
      2. Identify damaged transactions
      3. Apply appropriate fix based on issues identified in qbwin.log:
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