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Error OL-200, OL-202, OL-206, or OL-226: Your last online connection was not completed

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Error OL-200, OL-202, OL-206, or OL-226: Your last online connection was not completed

When attempting to perform online activities such as sending bill payments from the Online Bank Feeds center or downloading an online statement the following error occurs:

The error message might also contain an error code such as [OL-200], [OL-202], [OL-206], or [OL-226]

Why this is happening

An error or connection interruption occurred during the last online banking session. This could be caused by a firewall, a computer crash while downloading or sending, a damaged online vendor payee, or a bill payment that was partially received by the financial institution.

Update the financial institution data in QuickBooks Desktop before proceeding to the resolution steps listed below.

How to fix it

Important:  When troubleshooting online checks or bill payments that are stuck, you must first contact your financial institution to avoid duplication of previously sent payments or missed payments. Verify the status of the last transactions sent and the ones that remain in the queue. Knowing this information will aid you in making informed decisions following error recovery. 

  • To recover from this error, a "forced" send/receive or delete of an online payment may be required. Intuit recommends several solutions for this error. For best results, follow the solutions in the order presented.
  • If you have more than one account activated for online banking, at the same financial institution, be sure to only sync one account at a time to help isolate the problem account.


Note: Before proceeding, make a backup of the company file.

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