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Error: No Company File Open

  When you open QuickBooks Desktop, you suddenly get an error:

Error: No Company File Open.
Why this is happening

The most common causes of this message are:

  • The company data file moved locations since the last time QuickBooks Desktop was used. QuickBooks Desktop retrieves the company file from the last known location.
  • Opening the company file from the File menu and then clicking cancel in the Open a Company window.
  • Quitting the EasyStep Interview process before it has completed the interview.
  • QuickBooks Desktop was shut down before the company file could open up in the program.
How to fix it

To open the company file from the No Company Open window:

  1. Press Ctrl and open QuickBooks Desktop. QuickBooks will open with the No Company Open window displayed.
  2. Select the name of your company file and click Open.

To open the company file from the File menu:

QuickBooks Pro or Premier 2014 and later or QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 14.0 and later:
  1. Choose File > Open or Restore Company.
  2. Select Open a company file and click Next.
  3. In the Open a Company window, locate and select your company file, and click Open.

: If you are unable to locate your company file from the methods above, trying using the Windows Search utility to find it. If the search finds multiple company files (not including the sample file) examine the size and date of the files. Generally, the largest file with the most recent modified date is the correct company file to open.

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