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Cannot send invoices using QuickBooks Desktop email while in Multi-user mode without signing in

When the Multi-user mode is activated, customer is unable to send invoices using QuickBooks email without signing in to a Business Services account first.

Detailed Instructions

In order to successfully send invoices, you must change the Service Connection Preferences and submit a request to the administrator of the Business Services account to gain full access:

  1. Launch QuickBooks Desktop software.
  2. Log in to your company data file as the Administrator.
  3. In the Menu bar, select Edit then Preferences.
  4. In the left pane, select Service Connection and click the Company Preferences tab.
  5. Select Always ask for a password before connecting then click OK.
  6. Log off and close QuickBooks.
  7. Restart QuickBooks and try to send the email.
  8. Near the bottom of the Login window, under Don't have a login yet, go to the Sign up link.
  9. Select the Click here link under Sharing an email address. Enter the required information then click Next.
  10. Proceed when you receive the "Submit request to administrator" message.
  11. The administrator of the Business Services account receives an email with a link to grant permissions to the user.
    Note: If you are the Business Services account administrator, click the link to grant access.
KB ID# SLN40472
4/26/2017 4:52:44 AM
QYPPRDQBKSWS05 9138 Pro 2017 1c77a7