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OL 301 or 393 when attempting to connect to online banking or download transactions

While attempting to connect to or download from your bank you receive any of the following messages:

  • DTCLient cannot be a date that is in the future OL-301.
  • QuickBooks was not able to bring all of your transaction information up to date. The server may be currently unavailable, or your account information may not be correct. Please try again later. [OL-393]
  • An error has occurred. Please try again later. If the problem continues, call customer service for your financial institution. [OL-301]
Why this is happening
  • An online account is not set up properly in QuickBooks Desktop or at the bank:
    • The account has been changed or is not activated for this service at the bank. (Example: Bill Pay Service).
    • The username or password is incorrect.
    • An inactive account may still be enabled for online access in QuickBooks causing the connection request to fail.
  • The bank is waiting for identity confirmation.
  • The bank server is not responding due to server maintenance.
  • The Quickbooks Desktop company file may be damaged.
How to fix it
Reminders before you begin troubleshooting
Identity Confirmation Request
Important: Customers may not be able to access their account from any PFM (Personal Financial Management) software until their identity is confirmed.

Some banks require additional identity confirmation or authentication before allowing banking access via third-party software. To satisfy the bank security requirement, log in to your account outside of QuickBooks and check your Message Center or Notifications inbox for details.  If needed, contact your bank directly for instructions.

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