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Document numbers are out of sequence or skipped

Sales forms or invoices are not numbered sequentially. Also, be aware that transactions are saved by the document date and not by the document number.

Why this is happening

QuickBooks normally assigns the next available number to a new invoice or sales form. If two or more people enter forms simultaneously, it can appear as if numbers are skipped. Examples:

  • Two users enter invoices at the same time. One user records invoice 10. The second user records invoice 11. The next invoice the first user records will be 12. Since the first user did not see invoice 11, it looks like 11 was skipped.
  • Two users enter different blocks of invoice numbers in the same A/R account. The first user enters invoices 1 through 10; the second user enters invoices 40 to 50. The next number that the first user receives is 51, not 11.
  • If a user changes the number on to a form. Sales form numbers get out of sequence.
  • If different Account Receivable (A/R) accounts are used in a company file, QuickBooks will pick up on the next invoice number in sequence for the A/R account being used.


  • Two people are using different A/R account on invoices they enter.
  • One person enters invoice number 11 using the A/R 1 account.
  • The second user enters an invoice for the A/R 2 account.
  • The invoice number which shows for the second user is 60, because the last invoice they entered using this account was number 59.

The following transactions are out of sequence in multi-user mode:

  • Credit Memos
  • Invoices
  • Purchase Orders
  • Sales Orders
  • Sales Receipts
How to fix it
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