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The file fails to open or wrong company file opens on the client computer

When starting Point of Sale on the client computer, it opens the wrong company file or attempts to open a file but is unable to do so.

Why this is happening

This error occurs when Point of Sale :

  • Recognizes more than one company file within the network
  • Tries to open an old file that was renamed or a file that no longer exists
  • Cannot locate the Server's company file
How to fix it
To resolve this issue, we have to delete the WSActivity file. This process restarts the connectivity between the server  and the client workstation.
Note: Deleting this file will not affect your company data.
  1. On the client copy of Point of Sale, make note of the workstation number in the lower right portion of the program and close Point of Sale.
  2. Search for the file WSActivity.xml.
  3. Right-click the located file and select Delete.
  4. Confirm the deletion and close the search window.
  5. Open Point of Sale on the server computer and ensure the correct file is open there.
  6. Open Point of Sale on the client computer. When prompted for a workstation number, enter the number you noted in step 1.
  7. The client will then locate the server copy of Point of Sale and allow you to open the appropriate company file.


KB ID# SLN40357
3/28/2017 10:17:20 PM
QYPPRDQBKSWS08 9138 Pro 2017 41b006