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Point of Sale: Resolve company data issues when restoring a backup file

When starting Point of Sale or after restoring a backup file, you may encounter one of the following issues:

  • Data is missing, or the file is blank or empty
  • Unable to see other company files than the one currently open
Why this is happening
  • A new file was created and opened in Point of Sale.
  • You may have multiple files and opened an incorrect file.
  • An older backup is restored. A backup file will contain only data from up to the time it was created.
  • File is hidden or not displayed.
How to fix it

Version 12.0, 2013 and 10.0

Important: Before you open a file or restore a backup, ensure to display hidden files.

If you have opened a blank, new file or the incorrect file

  1. Choose File > Company Operation.
  2. From the Start Company window, select Open Existing company.
  3. From the drop down menu, choose the correct company file then click Next.
  4. Verify that your information is correct.


If you have restored the wrong backup

  1. Choose File > Company Operation.
  2. From the Start Company window, select Restore from Backup then click Next.
  3. Select Restore from default backups (if file was saved in the default location) or Browse to alternate backup file (if file was saved in a different location).
  4. Click Next. Check if the data file is correct.


 If you replace missing transactions in your QuickBooks Point of Sale for Desktop file and these transactions have already been sent to QuickBooks, follow these steps for each transaction in QuickBooks Point of Sale for Desktop:
  1. In the appropriate history listing (Sales History, Receiving History, Cost Adjustment History and Quantity Adjustment History), select the re-entered transaction.
  2. Click I Want To at the top of the window and choose Show Financial Details.
  3. Select Mark this document as successfully sent and click OK. This will prevent transaction duplication in QuickBooks.
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