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Error C=224 during backup, or a file utility

The error C=224 occurs during a file operation such as:

  1. Backing up.
  2. Running a file utility. 
Why is this happening

Your company data file may be damaged. The C=224 error is caused by broken links between transactions. This is a non-fatal error that will not prevent you from using your data file. The error may appear several times after clicking OK.

How to fix it

When the error appears during a file operation, click OK until the operation completes or another message appears. If the error appears many times, it might be easier to press and hold the Enter key.

Perform the standard data damage troubleshooting. 

This issue has been resolved in the latest release for your version. Please update your program to the current release.



KB ID# SLN40033
3/28/2017 8:22:57 PM
QYPPRDQBKSWS09 9138 Pro 2017 6f0f1b