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Florida Sales Tax Brackets

Florida state sales tax is calculated on a bracket system for any non whole dollar amounts (for example, $2.34 ). Normally, the Sales and Use tax is a flat 6% (other counties may charge higher discretionary tax).


For transaction amounts that are not whole dollar amounts, the State of Florida has a table that shows what amount of tax should be charged for the "cents" on the transaction.

For example, according to the chart, on all transactions with amounts between $0.34 - $0.50, you would charge $0.03 of sales tax.

The problem arises when QuickBooks calculates a flat 6% tax on the transaction. 6% on $0.34 is only $0.02. Therefore, if Quickbooks calculates using a flat percentage, it will end up not withholding enough sales tax on the transaction according to the state of Florida.

Detailed Information

Currently, QuickBooks does not have a way to account for states using a "bracket" sales tax system. Depending on the situation, we recommend the following workarounds:

  1. Manually adjust the invoice amount when the total before tax will be in one of these brackets. We can either slightly increase or decrease the total, so that when QuickBooks calculates 6%, it matches what should be withheld according to the sales tax brackets.
  2. Create sales tax items for each bracket, and add these to invoices as needed, so that the correct amount is calculated.
  3. Make a sales tax due adjustment periodically in order to show the correct amount of sales tax due in QuickBooks. 

For more information, please check out the State of Florida sales tax bracket tables

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