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Recent changes, improvements and fixes in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac 2014

This article contains the release notes for QuickBooks Desktop for Mac 2014.


The following changes, improvements, and fixes were made to QuickBooks for Mac 2014. Later releases (ones with higher numbers) include all changes in earlier releases.

If your accountant is working on your file, wait until you get the file back before you upgrade.

If you’ve sent your data to your accountant, wait to upgrade to R11 until after you’ve restored your file with your accountant’s changes using your current copy of QuickBooks. Once the file is restored, choose QuickBooks > Check for Updates to install R11 and upgrade your company file.

IMPORTANT:  If you open QuickBooks in multiuser mode you must update all clients and the QuickBooks 2014 Server or you will receive errors.

KB ID# INF24690
4/24/2017 7:53:55 PM
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