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Message: QuickBooks did not find your item in your list of products and services

When you try to scan a serial or lot number on a transaction, you see the following message:

Item Not Found: QuickBooks did not find item name in your list of products and services.


Detailed information

QuickBooks has rules on how it determines what are serial/lot numbers when using a barcode scanner.

How does QuickBooks identify serial/lot numbers?

Serial/Lot Numbers:

  • Doesn't look like a UPC/EAN - codes that contain all numeric characters between 6 and 13 characters long.
  • Are between 5 and 30 characters that contain alphas, numerical, dash (minus), plus, period (dot), colon, and slash ( / ).
  • Can't have any spaces. This is a limitation with serial/lot numbers.
  • Can’t be generated numbers from QuickBooks:
    • When enabling barcode, QuickBooks can generate barcodes for you: QB:12345678

Provided are examples of acceptable and non acceptable serial/lot numbers:

  • Bad: 123456789               (all digits between 6 and 13)
  • Bad: ABC123 2003-09      (contains a space)
  • Bad: 174,ABC                  (contains a comma)
  • Good: Abc123-2013/09/19
  • Good: DoorKnob
  • Good: DoorKnob:123

Note:  If your serial/lot numbers don't follow the rules of how QuickBooks identifies them, you will have to manually enter the serial number in the field versus using the barcode scanner.

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