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QuickBooks Desktop Maintenance Alerts

QuickBooks Maintenance Alerts is a feature that proactively identifies potential issues in the program. A notification alert is posted to help you take preventive actions.


When will you see a Maintenance Alert?

You will see a QuickBooks Desktop Maintenance Alert for the following scenarios:


How will you be notified of a QuickBooks Desktop Maintenance Alert?

If QuickBooks Desktop identifies a potential issue that may hinder performance, you will be notified in two ways:

  1. A specific message telling you what the issue is and options to address it.  Note:  You will have options to remind you later or ignore/dismiss the messages.  
    • If you choose to Remind me later, the message will appear again after 12 hours.  
    • If you choose to Ignore/Dismiss, you will not receive any more messages, but you can view the alerts by viewing the Maintenance Alerts center.
  2. Open the Maintenance Alerts center and view the alerts listed (QuickBooks Desktop 2015 R3 and earlier only).


How to access the QuickBooks Maintenance Alerts?



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