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Sync Manager and Intuit Hosted Networks

Why do I keep having to setup Sync Manager on my Hosted Network?

Intuit Sync Manager has a user profile on the computer used to set up Sync Manager. If this profile is interrupted for any reason, Intuit Sync Manager can return errors resolvable by either Resetting or Clearing the Intuit Sync Manager settings; however, if the profile is not static the user settings may require Intuit Sync Manager is setup again later.

Most users on  Hosted Networks use Microsoft Terminal Services/Remote Access (MS TS) to login to their Windows Profiles and access QuickBooks. The nature of MS TS is to delete the user profile settings after the user exists the profile. The user’s preferences are set back up again once they log back into MS TS.  Because of this, Intuit Sync Manager’s user profile settings can be deleted resulting in the company file sync settings being interrupted.

Detailed Information

Only the Hosted Network’s technical support can make the changes necessary to prevent the Windows Profile from being deleted.


  • The SyncManager folder can be made “static” so Intuit Sync Manager is continually running even when the Customer logs out.
  • The files in the SyncManager folder can be copied to, or a shortcut directed to, a “static” folder on the system so Intuit Sync Manager is continually running even when the Customer logs out.

NOTE:  It may be necessary to make the connection to the company file “static” as well. In some cases, the hosted network will use a process to distribute customer load by having the users login to different physical machines. This can cause a problem because the computer used to access the QuickBooks Company file will be different each time the user logs in and Intuit Sync Manager will not recognize it has been setup on the new computer.

SyncManager User folder location:

  • Windows 8/Windows 7/ Windows Vista:   C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Intuit\SyncManager 
  • Windows Xp:  C:\Documents and Settings\\Local Settings\Application Data\Intuit\SyncManager
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