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Message: Please Restart QuickBooks

When you open QuickBooks desktop, create a new company file, or open QuickBooks Maintenance Alerts center, you may see one of the following:



You may receive this message when the Quickbooks executable (QBW32.exe) is utilizing more than 900MB of memory.

To optimize performance:

  • Click the Restart QuickBooks button.  QuickBooks desktop will close the alert window and automatically restart.

If you don't want to restart QuickBooks desktop

  1. Click the Remind me later button.  
    • QuickBooks desktop will close the alert window.
    • This message will appear to you after 12 hours until you take action.
  2. Click the Dismiss button (not recommended). 
    • QuickBooks desktop will close the alert window and you will not receive future messages.
    • You will be able to go back and take action by opening the Reminders icon in the top-right of the QuickBooks desktop window.

    Note: If you don't want to see this message, you can choose to Dismiss This in the Maintenance Alerts center.

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3/29/2017 12:10:15 AM
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