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Normal file size for a QuickBooks company file


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Each version of QuickBooks Desktop is designed for different types and sizes of companies. QuickBooks Pro is the base program for smaller companies; Premier is our mid-level offering followed by Enterprise Solutions.  A common question is how large should my file be before I should upgrade to the next tier of QuickBooks Desktop?  The quick answer is that there is no file size limit for any version of QuickBooks. The limits for each version of QuickBooks Desktop are related to the number of Names, or Items in your lists. However, the different tiers are somewhat optimized for files of a certain size.

  • Pro : 10mb – 50mb
  • Premier: 50mb – 300mb
  • Enterprise Solutions: 300mb and up


There is no rule that says that a QuickBooks Pro company file can’t be more than 50mb in size or that and Enterprise file can’t be less than 300mb. Those are just very loose guidelines. As long as the computer has enough RAM a Pro/Premier file could be 1gb in size or larger and work just fine. This means you do not need to upgrade to Enterprise just because your file is 150mb or larger.


Situations that would require an upgrade to Enterprise:

  • Need more than 5 users working in the same company file at one time. (requires license per user.)
  • Customer, Vendor, or Item list has more than 14,500 list elements.
  • Would like to use the Advanced Inventory module.
  • Would like more flexibility in user permissions in the file.
  • Would like to combine financial reports from multiple company files.



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