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QuickBooks Point of Sale - What's New in 2013

This article highlights key improvements made for the release of QuickBooks Point of Sale 2013.

"Help me get started. I'm totally new to Point of Sale."

We've created a simple Welcome Screen with Getting Started video tutorials, and a Setup Interview to help you get up and running quickly.

QuickBooks Point of Sale 2013 - Welcome screen

 "The overall look of the Point of Sale interface could use some updating." 
 "Can you create more consistency with the menu navigation and make where I am within the Point of Sale application more clear to me?

We've completely updated the layout for QuickBooks Point of Sale 2013, with freshened graphics, a more balanced layout, collapsible panels and simpler navigation.

 QuickBooks Point of Sale 2013 - New Layout 

"I really liked the Navigator in previous versions; can you enhance it for the next version?" 

Out with the old. In with the new:  We’ve brought power and intelligence to the Navigator to help you see and solve your urgent tasks.

 QuickBooks Point of Sale 2013 - Navigator


"I want to be able to switch between activities and have better visibility to unfinished activities." 

Introducing....the In Progress view.  See unfinished activities you have pending and quickly jump to your highest priority tasks.

 QuickBooks Point of Sale 2013 - In Progress view


 "I would like you to bring more visibility to being able to customize the [blue] Task buttons, and allow me to re-order and restore them to their defaults." 

We've enhanced the Customize feature on the Tasks panel to give you total control and to tailor the buttons to your liking.

 QuickBooks Point of Sale 2013 - Customize Task Buttons

"I want to be able to collapse the sticky-notes messages panel." 

Now you can collapse and expand the Messages and Tasks panels.

 QuickBooks Point of Sale 2013 - Minimize Panels

"I want to be able to sell items I have in my store with my mobile phone, and be able to see those sales back in my Point of Sale system." 

With Quickbooks Point of Sale's Mobile Sync feature, our free GoPayment app, and an Intuit Payments Account, you can make sales while you're on the go.

 QuickBooks Point of Sale 2013 - Mobile Sync

"I love QuickPick, but I would like to see more information and be able to directly add items without leaving QuickPick." 
"Can you let me color my groups and items within QuickPick?" 
"Can you let me control whether QuickPick stays open (or auto-closes) after I select an item?"

We've brought managing of QuickPick to QuickPick.  You can now create and manage Groups, add items, view details about each item, and leverage powerful features all without leaving QuickPick.

 QuickBooks Point of Sale 2013 - QuickPick


 "Can you make it easier for me to process credit cards so I can accept payments within Point of Sale and not have to duplicate my work?" 

Taking payments within Point of Sale is now 'built-in'.   Simply sign in with your Intuit Payments Account and you will be accepting payments in minutes.

 QuickBooks Point of Sale 2013 - Payments Tab (Setup Interview)


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