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Merchant account application: Declined

After being reviewed by the payments team, your Merchant Account application status may be declined under certain circumstances. This article addresses the most common reasons for a this type of application status.

Detailed Information

The following are some of the reasons why a payments application may be declined:

  • We do not support the products or services you offer:
    Intuit Payment Solutions and our sponsor bank have a predetermined list of unacceptable business types based on the risk of the products or services. There are also certain products or services that we require you provide on a face-to-face basis with your customer, and if your application reflected those products or services being offered on the internet, that could result in a decline as well.
  • Insufficient credit to support credit card processing activities:
    Intuit Payment Solutions requires that our applicant's personal credit profile be supportive of the monthly processing volume requested on the application. Any fees (statement fees, batch fees, chargebacks, refunds) that need to be debited must be absorbed by the merchant. We are also unable to approve an account if our principal has an open bankruptcy.
  • Previous processing history exceeds our risk parameters
    Our system indicates that data from your application already exists in our merchant base and is currently considered negative processing history. The most common reason for this would be funds still owed on a previous account, or an account that was closed due to rejected funds from the bank account that was on file.
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