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What are online service center user roles and how do they work?

Frequently asked questions and information on using roles to control access to the online service center.

For information on how to apply or change user roles see the article Modifying user roles, information and access for the online service center.


How do user roles work in the online service center?

Roles let you control what users on your account can see and do within the online service center.

Do these roles affect access to GoPayment?

No. These roles let you control access to features of the online service center only. They don't affect access to GoPayment on mobile devices. If you want to assign roles to your GoPayment users, you do so when you add or edit a GoPayment user, and those roles are different.

Where do I go to assign user roles in the online service center?

If you are the Full Admin or Limited Admin, sign in to the online service center, and choose Account > Users.
(See Modifying user roles, information and access for the online service center for more information.)

I have a lot of users, how can I search for a particular user in the list?

Enter part of the name in the Look For search box that appears right above the user list.


How can I see my user role when I'm signed in to the online service center?

You don't need access to the users page to see what role you have. Any user can see their own role. Choose Account > Login & Merchant Accounts. Your role appears within the Login Information section on the left side of the page. (If you don't see your role, you're probably connecting automatically through QuickBooks. To see your role, turn off QuickBooks auto-connect and sign in instead.)


Why did Intuit add user roles to the online service center?

While you want to share work and information within your organization, you probably don't want to share everything with everybody. These roles were created to help you control access to sensitive information and account settings on a person-by-person basis.

What are the user roles?

  • Full Admin - Can access any page or feature available to the account. Can manage users, change access permissions, and edit account information and settings. Can create additional accounts and turn services on or off. Only the Full Admin and Accountant roles can access tax documents.
  • Limited Admin - Can manage users and change access permissions, except users in the Full Admin role. Can't add accounts or services.
  • Full User - Can access payment processing features, reporting screens, and statements. Can't view account management pages.
  • No Access -  Can't even sign into the online service center.


Can I use these roles to control access to other Intuit services?

No. These roles only affect access to the online service center web site.

Can I sort the information in the user roles list?

Yes. Click a column heading (Name, Email, Role) to sort by that value. Click once to sort in descending order; click the same value again to sort in ascending order.

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