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How to determine if my QuickBooks Desktop is compatible with payments processing

This article will help you determine which versions of QuickBooks are compatible with QuickBooks Payment accounts for credit card or check processing.

Payments account processing includes IPN, credit card and Check Solutions for QuickBooks (CSQB - eCheck and ScanCheck processing).

The following does not apply to QuickBooks Point-of-Sale as it uses a different type of payments account.


A QuickBooks payments account is only designed for use with QuickBooks Desktop that is no more than 3 years older than the year of its retirement (sunset) date (which occurs near the end of May every year for the oldest product).

Example of a past retirement: Support for QuickBooks 2009 was discontinued on May 31st, 2012. Merchant services were still available for all versions of QuickBooks 2011 and above at that time.



  • Merchant service integration did not become an option for QuickBooks MAC until the 2010 version.
  • eCheck processing only integrates payments with QuickBooks versions for Windows (QuickBooks MAC and QuickBooks Online users can process eChecks in the online service center but payments will not integrate automatically with those versions).
  • ScanCheck processing is only available for QuickBooks for Windows versions Pro, Premier and Enterprise 2011 and newer (not available for SimpleStart, QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks MAC).
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