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Intuit QuickBooks Payments annual account-maintenance fee

For certain types of Intuit merchant accounts, a once-annual account maintenance fee is charged. This fee is $75 and is usually billed in December or January. This annual account maintenance fee enables Intuit to properly maintain accounts to current industry standards and provide exceptional US-based service and support. Annual fees of this nature are a common practice in the electronic payments industry.

Detailed information

Why does Intuit charge me an annual fee for this account?

The annual fee enables Intuit to properly maintain accounts to the current industry standards and provide exceptional US-based service to our customers. If you are looking for alternative options to process credit cards, we recommend a QuickBooks or GoPayment processing account. For more information on these types of merchant accounts, please visit http://payments.intuit.com.
Our customer care team is available to answer any questions or concerns you may have. To contact us, call (800) 558-9558,  or sign into the Online Service Center.
What if I wish to cancel my account because of the annual fee?
We certainly understand why you would want to reduce operational costs to run your business. Consider this: Accepting credit cards allows your customers to pay you, even when they are not carrying cash or check; and customers using credit cards spend about 10x more than customers who don't. When you process your customer's credit card, the data is transmitted through Intuit's secure systems, which we must continuously maintain to provide the service to you. This once-annual fee enables Intuit to provide you with a familiar way to process your customers' payments, the highest levels of processing reliability and security, and live support and robust self-service tools.
If you still would like to close your account, we would hate to see you go. Our customer care team is here to help you make the decision that works best for your business. To contact us, call (800) 558-9558.
Before you close the account, we want to be sure you still have a way to process your customers' credit card payments. Some of our latest payment innovations -- like QuickBooks and GoPayment merchant accounts -- operate on a different platform and are not enrolled in an annual account maintenance fee. To find more information about our different processing offerings, visit http://payments.intuit.com.

If this solution does not resolve the issue, you can read questions regarding your issue, find any related answers or contact us for free at our QuickBooks Payments Support website.

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