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Search Results Incorrect For Mac

QuickBooks for Mac provides several ways to find transactions or other QuickBooks information. Choose the method that works best for the information you need to find.
How to use Search:
  1. From the Edit menu, choose Find.
    Note: You may also click the Find icon on the tool bar.
  2. Enter your search Query and click the Reload button. 

    You will see your search results in the left sidebar. Each section of the sidebar shows the number of results Quickbooks found.
To get correct results remember these points:
  •            Narrow your search with additional keywords.
  •            Search for an exact phrase when appropriate.

Note:  Search results are not case-sensitive.

You may also wish to use the QuickBooks Find feature. Find allows you to do a quick search through invoices, estimates, sales receipts, and credit memos. Find is generally better than Search if you want to search for a range of dates or find a specific dollar amount.

How to use Find:

  1. From the Edit menu, choose Find.
    Note: If you're in the Search window, you may also click the Go to Find button.
  2. In the Filter column of the Find window, select the type of information you want to search for.
  3. Enter your search criteria to the right of the list of filters.
    Note: You may also select a date range, amount, or transaction number.
  4. Click the Find button.
    The search results are displayed in the lower portion of the window.
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