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Point of Sale credit card data security standards

When you, as a retailer, start accepting credit and/or debit cards for payment using the QuickBooks POS Merchant Service, you have a responsibility to comply with the requirements of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

Detailed Information

PCI DSS includes requirements for the configuration, operation, and security of payment card transactions in your business, and extends beyond your use of Point of Sale. It includes requirements for restricting user access, as well as for protecting your computers, operating system, and network, and for communications with other computers and the Internet.

Important: If you use another merchant service for card payments, the cardholder data is not processed, stored, or transmitted by Point of Sale and this topic is not directly applicable to your use of Point of Sale. Refer to the information provided by your service provider for compliance requirements.
Point of Sale is engineered to help you comply with these requirements, but it is your responsibility to ensure your entire system is in compliance.
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