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Point of Sale store exchange overview

This article describes the multi-store setup for Point of sale which includes the configuration and activities that occurs between the stores.

Detailed information

Store Exchange is the transfer of data between your Headquarters and remote stores. Data is sent between stores in a compressed file, referred to as a mailbag (compressed to reduce transmission file size and time).

It has two components:

  • Send Files to create and send mailbags to other stores
  • Receive Files to process mailbags that have been received from other stores

When a remote store is first installed, a mailbag from Headquarters is required to initialize the remote with the company inventory, preferences, and related files. It is recommended that Store Exchange be run daily between each store. This ensures that each store can view current item quantities available at other stores, that Headquarters is updated with the daily transactions from each remote store, that company reports are current, and that remote stores receive new data files, including inventory updates, vendor lists, customer lists, and purchase orders from Headquarters.

Daily exchanges also allow Headquarters to keep QuickBooks financial software records current.


The following only applies to Point of Sale Pro-Multi store.

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