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QuickBooks data didn’t reach my online application

Intuit Sync Manager lets you share data between QuickBooks and your Intuit online apps, such as QuickBooks Connect. 

When data from QuickBooks can’t reach your online app, a sync error occurs.

  • Sync errors that occur from QuickBooks to your app can happen for a variety of reasons. Typically you’ll receive a specific error message with a direct link to an article that provides additional information and resolution steps for the specific error. 
  • You can see a complete list of these types of sync errors in Intuit Sync Manager error codes.

General things you can try to resolve this type of error:

  1. Check that you have the latest Sync Manager updates.
  2. Be sure QuickBooks is in single-user mode.
  3. (Optional) To change from multi-user mode to single-user mode, from the File menu choose Switch to Single-user Mode.
  4. Close any open QuickBooks Windows.
  5. Try to sync again. 

 If you can’t resolve this sync error, call our support team at 800.450.8475 for help.

Detailed information

While there are many Intuit Sync Manager error codes, all sync errors fall into either of 2 main categories:

  • Data from QuickBooks itself doesn’t sync to your online app.
  • Data from your app doesn’t sync back to QuickBooks.

If you’re working in your online application and a sync error occurs, you’ll see this error icon in the app:

Click the icon to see your realm identification number and one or more error messages.  If you contact support, the agent might ask you to provide your realm identification number and the error message(s):

KB ID# INF14299
10/20/2016 12:39:07 PM
QYPPRDQBKSWS09 9138 Pro 2017 47b18f