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How Intuit Data Protect detects QuickBooks Desktop files

Intuit Data Protect automatically detects your recently used QuickBooks Desktop files, including those that are located on other drives.

Detailed information

Intuit Data Protect detects files by using the MRU (Most Recently Used) list. This list can be found in the file called QBWUser.ini. If your QuickBooks Desktop files are located on a mapped/networked drive or another local drive (such as D:), Intuit Data Protect can detect those files as long as they are in the MRU list.

There are several ways to view the MRU list:

  • From QuickBooks, go to File and select Open Previous Company.
  • From the QBWUser.ini file:
    1. While in QuickBooks, from the keyboard, press F2.
    2. The Product Information window opens. Press F3.
    3. The Tech Help window appears. Click the Open File tab.
    4. Find and open the file labeled QBWUser.ini.
    5. Notepad opens. Within the file, a section can be found that shows the MRU list.
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