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QuickBooks Accountant's copy and QuickBooks Mac

For customers using QuickBooks for Windows, there is an option where one can send part of the data file to their Accountant to use in QuickBooks Accountant Edition.

This article addresses questions for QuickBooks for Mac users attempting to send their data file to their Accountant or another QuickBooks for Windows user.


Currently, there is no option to create Accountant's Copy in QuickBooks for Mac.

Here's what you can do:

  • Follow sharing your Mac file to your Windows accountant for other options.
  • Check the  Accountant's Copy Feature using only QuickBooks for Windows to have an overview of the process.
  • Submit a product recommendation to let us know how important this feature is to you. Here's how:
    1. From the QuickBooks Help menu, select Send Feedback Online then click Product Suggestion.
    2. In the QuickBooks Feedback window, provide details of your product suggestion.
    3. Click Send Feedback.
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