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Converting Data from Quicken for Mac to Quicken for Windows

Most data in a Quicken for Mac file can be converted for use with Quicken for Windows. This multi-step procedure involves preparing your Mac data file, exporting the data, importing it into Quicken for Windows, and then rectifying any discrepancies due to duplicated transactions or data that was not included.

Detailed information

The following components of your Quicken for Mac data file will convert to Quicken for Windows

  • Accounts
    • Online account information is not included and must be re-enabled in Quicken for Windows if you intend to continue using online services.
    • Investment accounts that were reconciled must be re-reconciled in Quicken for Windows.
    • Mutual Fund accounts will become Investment accounts containing a single mutual fund.
  • Transactions
  • Categories
  • Classes
  • Securities

The following components of your Quicken for Mac data file will not convert to Quicken for Windows

  • Accounts: Online account information.
  • Securities: Unused securities and all price histories.
  • Loans
    • The liability register will be included but the associated amortization schedule will not.
  • Reminders, scheduled transactions, memorized (QuickFill) transactions or the Calendar:
    • Memorized transactions do not convert but can be rebuilt, based on your imported transactions.
  • Add-on programs
    • Most information entered into add-on programs such, as Emergency Records Organizer and Debt Reduction Planner will be included.
  • Memorized reports or graphs, or any change to the default settings of the program, will be included.
  • Budgets.

Your Macintosh computer must be able to recognize PC-formatted disks. Some programs from Apple that allow this are PC Exchange, File Exchange, and the Apple File Exchange Control Panel. For further assistance with this, refer to the documentation for your computer, the documentation for these software products, or visit Apple's Web site.


Before beginning the conversion process, you must verify your date and time settings, and then restart your Macintosh computer if you make any changes.

For Mac OS 9:
  1. From the Apple menu, choose Control Panels.
  2. Open the Date & Time Control Panel.
  3. Click the Date Format button.
  4. Verify that the Region option is set to U.S.
  5. Under the Short Date section, select the Show Century option unless you are converting to Quicken 98 for Windows. When you choose Show Century, the Region will change from US to Custom.
  6. Click OK in the Date Format window, and then close the Date & Time Control Panel.
  7. Restart your Macintosh.

For Mac OS X or higher:

  1. From the Apple menu, choose System Preferences.
  2. Double-click the International icon.
  3. Click the Date tab, and then select the Show century checkbox. When you select Show Century, the Region will change from US to Custom.
  4. Close the International window, and then restart your Macintosh.
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